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For Publishers

Hiring Mandy as an Illustrator, Author and Designer

Mandy Stanley offers freelance, professional illustration to publishers and publishing houses.

Coming from a fashion design background, Mandy has a mix of 2D, 3D and writing skills that enable her to work successfully on a wide range of projects.

Jack-in-a-box and the amazing Mr Wobble & Beebo BunnyPast projects include:

  • stand alone picture books or series of multiple titles
  • nursery products
  • toy designs
  • apparel collections for leading brands such as Mothercare, Next and Marks and Spencer

Mandy’s picture books have sold in the home market and overseas and one of her key characters ‘Lettice Rabbit’ published by Harper Collins UK has become a licensed brand. Lettice is currently optioned by Mount Stuart for a children’s animated TV series.

Mandy has a flexible and enthusiastic approach to commissioned work:

“My skills mix prompts me to change and develop my art and design style frequently and I get excited about choosing or developing a new style for each new project.

Every project presents a new set of challenges which is something I relish and look forward to. I’m happy to take control of a complete project and create the text, illustration and design/layout and occasionally packaging or equally happy to work from a tight, client brief.”